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Racial Bias in Healthcare - Stephen C. Nelson, MD
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Hydroxyurea (pronounced hy-drox-ee-u-ree-ah) is an medicine, taken by mouth once per day, that can help children and adults decrease several complications related to sickle cell disease. Hydroxyurea is not a cure for sickle cell disease, however, research studies show that hydroxyurea lowers the following:

  •  The number of pain crises

  • The number of acute chest syndrome (pneumonia) events

  • The need for blood transfusions

  • The number of trips to the hospital.

Hydroxyurea may also prevent damage to the spleen, kidneys, lungs, and brain. (St. Jude Children's Research Hospital). 

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In July 2017, Endari™, an orally given, powdered form of amino acid L-glutamine, became the second FDA approved drug for the treatment of sickle cell disease. Endari™ is an FDA-approved therapy for children with sickle-cell disease and one of the first new treatments in 20 years for adult patients with sickle cell disease and sickle ߺ thalassemia.

* Please consult your physician to discuss your options and help determine which option(s) are right for you. 

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Clinical trials are experiments or observations done in clinical research. Clinical research studies aim to answer scientific questions and find the best ways to prevent, diagnose, or treat diseases and medical conditions. In addition, clinical trials provide valuable insight into patients, providers, and researchers. Clinical trials are necessary in the advancement of medical science Click here to learn more about clinical trials.

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